As you have seen, vangelis released many records throughout the years, solo and with other people. All those releases have seen daylight in many countries and in different formats. Sometimes there are slight differences between recordings as they are made by the artist(s) and how the musiclover it hears. Strange to discover. Like in 2006, when it came clear that there are differences between the greek release of 666 and the same release anywhere else on the planet. If you have additions, let me know!

When Vangelis and his orchestra worked together with the Greek singer George Romanos they recorded several songs, with and without Romanos singing. Most of those music were released on the LP "George Romanos in concert and in the Studio." Others didn't see daylight on this LP, only on a 7". For a good view, here is a table with all the recordings. One  song, "The Clock", was released in both ways, with and wihout lyrics only on 7". But with different endings! The version without lyrics end with a fading out, you can hear bells on the 7" with Romanos' voice.


Listen to "The Clock" ending (with lyrics) 


Here we have another example. In 1991 Jon Anderson and Vangelis released their fourth album called "Page of Life". In 1998 Jon did it without Vangelis' consent, which marked the end of the friendship between Jon and Vangelis.  Notice the different tracktimes. The tracklist is as follows:

Page of Life (1991)    total tracktime: 52 :23                  vs.                       Page of Life (1998)  total tracktime: 46:00

1. Wisdom Chain (5:21)                                                                          1. Change we Must (6:28)

2. Page of Life (3:16)                                                                             2. Anyone can light a Candle (3:43)

3. Money (6:06)                                                                                     3. Page of Life (3:17)

4. Jazzy Box (3:15)                                                                                 4. Money (5:43)

5. Garden of Senses (6:24)                                                                      5. Little Guitar (1:42)

6. Is it Love (4:27)                                                                                 6. Garden of Senses (6:32)

7. Anyone can light a Candle (3:47)                                                          7. Genevieve (3:45)

8. Be a good friend of mine (4:13)                                                            8. Shine for Me (4:01)

9. Shine for Me (4:10)                                                                             9. Wisdom Chain (10:44)

10. Genevieve (3:48)

11. Journey to Ixtlan (5:51)

12. Little Guitar (1:43)


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