My name is Bas Dekkers. I am 35 years old and I live in The Netherlands. My first introduction to electronic music was somewhere in the early eighties. I heard on the radio “Aurora”, by the Dutch electronicband Nova. I was immediately struck. In 1989 my mother bought me a cassette with Aurora on it. This tape was the second part of the Synthesizer Greatest series, made by Ed Starink. That series contained covers of famous musicians like Jean Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Art of Noise, Sakamoto, Kraftwerk and also Vangelis. Back in 1989, an other cassette was given as a present for my birthday with even more covers. I heard the cover of “I’ll find my way home”. I really liked it. In the same year a schoolpresentation of two classmates used the same music. And I was again struck, now with Vangelis. It must have been somewhere in 2000 that I came across a single of Jon and Vangelis, “Inside of This, Outside of That” of the Friends of Mr. Cairo LP. Back home I learned that this single was quite rare. I had to buy it and that was my start of collecting Vangelis music.

The first steps for this website were made in October 2004. It took several hours to make my first pages. This first attempt was put online February 2005. Updates were being made, text was being corrected and omissions were filled up. The original website was written in Times New Roman, later Bookman Old Style and Georgia. Now, I decided to write it in Verdana. This website is on-line since February 21st, but it is "officially" on-line since March 1st 2005 (my birthday!) In that first year, this website got 7318 visitors. (21-02-'06) On April 27th 2006, the 10.000th visitor reached this site! I moved this website to another server and I registered the domainname which it has right now. The site with its new domainname you are visiting now, got on-line June 21 2006.

I hope, dear visitor, you will have as much fun as I had making it!


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