Vangelis' Introduction



Vangelis is best known for his music, but next to that he paints and sculpts. In 2003 an exhibition of his painted art started to travel around the globe. His music is known all over the planet: it is used for documentaries, films, televisionshows, ballets, stageplays, solo albums, co-operatively made music... He was bandleader of The Forminx, a very popular Greek highschoolband in the early and middle sixties. After that came an international breaktrough with Aphrodite's Child. Vangelis is a multi-linguist and has lived in Greece, France, USA and the UK. He is not only able to play synthesizer or piano, but plays almost every instrument you hear on his albums. So he is a multi-talented artist.

You may have heard music made by him, yet be not familiar with his name. Lots of music for television, theaterplays, films and advertisements are uncredited. Explore his story, welcome to

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