Vangelis – Greek composer of electronic and film music

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Vangelis – Greek composer of electronic and film music


Today, Greek composer Vangelis is best known as one of the leading electronic and film music composers in the world. His music career began in the 1960s through a series of rock albums, however, his influence to the modern world of music really began in the late 1970s with an array of groundbreaking records.

Vangelis’ compositions have been used to great effect around the world, from albums to feature films. His works can be heard in a variety of mediums through big-budget Hollywood soundtracks to smaller independent projects, and Vangelis himself has frequently collaborated with numerous artists to create special pieces for TV, theatrical performances, and festival shows. The composer has even written several ballet music pieces over the years.

His most famous work is undoubtedly Blade Runner (1982), which was re-scored completely by Vangelis’ many works during the movie’s iconic closing credits sequence. Since then, his music has been featured heavily within several different media outlets, such as documentary series, television shows, radio programs, video games and other entertainment projects.

Vangelis’ music often finds its home at awards shows too. For example, his album soundtrack for Chariots of Fire (1981) won two Academy Awards and two Grammys within its own right, as well as countless other awards across the globe over the years. The composer himself also won four World Soundtrack Awards for his exemplary works within the industry throughout.

In 2015, Vangelis was officially recognised by his homeland Greece with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Arion Music Awards for his massive contribution to the Greek music industry since 2008. Greece’s National Council even announced that Vangelis Day should forever be celebrated on March 1st each year in order to pay tribute to his modern classical creations that have influenced the global electronic music landscape in so many ways.

This multi-talented composer not only manages dance and pop records with his own signature style but produces works of classical excellence in addition to being highly sought-after for soundtracks all over the world. It is thus why Vangelis will be remembered as one of Greece’s most iconic composers for centuries to come.

Today, we are here to discuss the genius of Greek composer Vangelis. Known the world over for his pioneering work in electronic and film scores, Vangelis is one of the most influential figures in modern music.

Born in 1943, Vangelis started taking piano lessons as a youngster, eventually studying music at the Academy of Athens before moving to Paris in 1967 to focus on composition. The move was instrumental in his development as a composer, inspiring him to explore new styles such as jazz and electronic.

Vangelis’ first break came with the soundtrack for sexploitation film Sex Power during 1970. This early work exemplified his stylistic approach using synthesizers, something he would go onto perfect for a number of movie soundtracks including Chariots of Fire (1981) and Blade Runner (1982). His compositions were also used as theme tunes for television shows such as Cosmos: A Personal Voyage and Tales from Europe.

Vangelis went from strength to strength when it came to writing spellbinding soundtracks in a variety of genres. Peter Weir’s classic The Year Of Living Dangerously (1982) contained a delightful score that combined elements of classical music, jazz and disco – not an easy feat!

In more recent years, his work has been sampled by many contemporary DJs and producers such as Fatboy Slim and Beastie Boys. It just goes to show how powerful Vangelis’ influence is on today’s musical landscape.

To summarise, Vangelis is one of the most important figures music has seen; a man destined for greatness long before he was given his big break in 1970. His unique talent has enabled him to create music that can appeal to fans across multiple genres – truly remarkable stuff!